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1.The film is a piece of good paper impregnated resins (usually phenolic resins). The impregnated resin content in the paper is one of important factors which determine the quality of film.

Usually, here are two types of films-Imported film and Chinese films. The black film is very popular and economical in market. The brown film of Chinese brands can be classified into 3 quality grades: economical grade, ordinary grade and high grade. The economical brown film is cheap and the quality is acceptable. But usually our factory prefers to use brown film of ordinary grade.

As for shuttering purpose, the quality of ordinary brown film is good enough. Furthermore, ordinary brown film is about 15% cheaper than the Chinese brown film of high grade. The Chinese brown film of high grade is as good as some imported brown film. Now, the Chinese brown film of high grade is a little cheaper than or almost as expensive as some imported brown film.

Usually, as for shuttering plywood, the imported brown film is 120g/m2; the brown film of Chinese brand is usually 140g/m2 or more. If the film is heavier, the film is impregnated more resins which can improve the quality of film. Panels can be supplied with 120 g/m2 film or heavier, depending on the end use.
Melamine films also are available, such as white, yellow, grey, green, blue, and red, black etc


1, Transference to concrete is set up very easily, so good for construction work
2, Waterproof, Wear-resistant, anti-cracking.
3, After installation of concrete, the surface looks like a mirror. (The cement does not stick.)
4, It can be used to make camber and it also can be cut into small pieces according the special requirements.
5. Environmentally friendly
6 It can be used for a long time, and for the initial price paid for the material, you will feel its worth over time

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